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For over 45 years, Vactor has been the leader in building sewer cleaners with technological innovation and custom configurable design. With a rich history that spans most of the century, Vactor Manufacturing continues to be respected as an innovative designer and manufacturer of products using pneumatics. Nearly 10,000 units have been sold worldwide, far more than any other sewer cleaner manufacturers.
Elgin equipment utilizes all variations of today’s sweeping technology – mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air – and now alternative fuel and waterless dust control to offer customers the sweeper that matches their needs. From general street maintenance to special industrial and airport applications. Elgin puts its customers in the sweeper that best meets their needs.




CUES is an United States based company and manufacturer. CUES designs all equipment and software in house and is the world’s largest manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection equipment for most all underground pipeline. Best of all, CUES is American made. Owen Equipment is an Exclusive Sales Partner with CUES for Oregon, Washington and the Panhandle of Idaho.
Hurco Technologies, Inc. manufacturers various products for maintaining and repairing sewer and water systems. Hurco developed these products because of their first hand experience working in the field and experiencing the frustrations of not having the proper equipment for the job. Inventing new tools or methods for doing the job better and safer is what drives their company.
Helix manufactures Bacteria, Microbes and Enzyme Products for Odor Control, Grease Control, FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease), Degreasing, Bioaugmentation and Bioremediation in Wastewater, Institutions, Industry, Restaurant, Food Processing and Government.

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A revolutionary new product designed to help protect sewer and sanitation workers from sewage contaminants. The Vanguard System helps protect sanitary sewer workers from contacting raw wastewater by cleaning vacuum hoses and related equipment at the job site. This economical and easy-to-use system applies an anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent that reduces raw sewage contaminants by up to 98% from the equipment most often handled by workers.
Control Developed in the Lab, Proven on the Street…and Under It Vaporooter * is guaranteed to kill roots on contact and prevent them from coming back for years. Use your own jetter or hire a local contractor to eliminate your root problems.
Triple-L trailers allow you to load equipment at ground level without the need for cumbersome ramps or tilt beds, saving you time and money while increasing operator safety during the loading process. The exclusive Power Deck® system lowers the entire deck of the trailer to the ground, which translates into faster and more efficient loading of everything from construction equipment to vending machines and supplies.
Litter collection machines for both paved surfaces and grass areas. Truck towed and tractor towed models for all applications.
The Most Cost Efficient and Effective Repair Method Fix and Forget Potholes No Repeat Repairs – More repairs in a Day with Less Labor.
Epoke Dealers are chosen because of their expertise and commitment to providing superior customer service and solutions. Our Dealer program provides comprehensive and ongoing training as well as integrated customer support. Service you can rely on, equipment you can depend on – a team you can trust!
PowerBoss is a full line manufacturer of Sweepers, Scrubbers and combination Sweeper/Scrubbers for Industrial Applications.