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Jonathan Fleming • Aug 27, 2015
I recently ran into a new wave of squatters. If you don’t know what squatters are, please refer to a past article I wrote titled “How to Evict Squatters.” I was hired to sell a house on 64th Avenue, in Oakland, and to my surprise I was successful evicting the squatters. However, I say that with much hesitation—here’s why!

On the day of the eviction, instead of finding only a few squatters, my team encountered some new variables. Instead of one group of squatters, we encountered 9 people consisting of 2 separate groups and 8 pit bulls at the residence.

电子游艺送38元金币  防御指南:  1、政府及有關部門按照職責做好防寒潮準備工作;  2、注意添衣保暖;  3、對熱帶作物、水產品采取一定的防護措施;  4、做好防風準備工作  其次,由于未來進口加大,我國貿易逆差將比較震蕩,因此今后要加強服務貿易走出去,要通過跨境電商來促進貨物貿易出口

电子游艺绑定送彩金40多年來,我們已經通過改革開放把全國統一大市場的血脈都打通了,但運行過程中又產生了一些市場分割的情況  加快中國產業鏈升級最關鍵的是自主創新

电子游艺套利吧  對于如何打造最佳營商環境,他表示首先是盡快建立起國際化、市場化、法治化的市場經濟體制,讓外資外商放心在中國投資;其次是加大知識產權保護力度;此外,還要讓市場在資源配置中發揮更好的作用,同時政府的作用也要更加積極,這兩個方面都不能忽視三是,資本東移


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This presented a new challenge because in the past when I had evicted squatters they left and never came back! To solve matters, I needed to think “Old School” because time was running out: the client had a mortgage on the property, and the buyer of the residence needed to close escrow quickly.

A new job was created: “Homeboy House Sitter” for the rough and tough neighborhoods of Oakland. I had to find someone to sit in the house and prevent the squatters from returning, because their goal was to reoccupy the property again. The house sitter was able to guard entry, keep squatters out and alert my team if anything happened.

Now there was an additional problem. The backyard was full of debris because the squatters had built an encampment at the residence, helping them take over the property while at the same time “subleasing” my client’s property to other squatters for cheap while creating a public nuisance at the residence.

Pressure was mounting even more to clean up debris left by squatters when the City of Oakland inspectors started making threats to us about it. In the end, we won the battle and the house was “Sold,” but these stories tell how we dealt with a wild group of squatters in Oakland, California, recently.

Lastly, safety is key. Always seek legal help and support from the proper authorities. Our firm works the rough, tough areas of the bay area, so we are used to certain issues.

Jonathan Fleming runs a real estate services company located in the San Francisco Bay Area; his company handles Sales,LeasingandManagement of residential and commercial properties throughout Northern California. Contact him on his private line at (510) 250-0946, Ext 7.


By Jonathan Fleming11 Aug, 2020
Leasing in Oakland, California, creates havoc for inexperienced owners. Oakland has. "Just Cause" rental ordinance to protect tenants against unlawful evictions. I get calls weekly from owners discussing this subject matter. Leasing in Oakland is all about procedures, being patient, and making sure you updated on the new forms for rental housing. It is not rocket science at all. Let's start backward and work our way forward to help you. Everything we discuss in this series would be about walking back to come forward. Rent Adjustment Program is run and created by Oakland City Government. You should familiarize yourself with this form as it will be your bible of sorts for the rental business. There are three variations of this form in English, Chinese and Spanish. Your tenants' new(New Move-ins) should always get this notice, and you should have them sign it. What if you have current tenants that have never signed the RAP Notice? Use common sense, explain the importance of knowing their rights, and inform people. Tell your property management company to do their job and ask your property manager if they have the updated forms in use or not. The goal is not evicting people; the goal is compliance, a safe place to live, and providing tenants' professional services. A smart property management firm will handle this for you with ease. It advises tenants of their rights. It is similar to a person's Miranda Rights. If you get into issues with tenants that revolve around Tenancy, this form will always be brought up by all parties trying to stop your actions against the tenant. Have it signed by all tenants on the lease upon move-in, do yourself a favor, don't take shortcuts, it helps you, and the tenant gets informed. That form acronym: "RAP", "Rent Adjustment Program" for Oakland. Google it. It will pop up for Oakland, California. In our next series, we will discuss leasing contracts. Right now, let's get you working on your RAP Notice compliance issues, make sure each new tenant signs them, and make sure existing tenants get the updated forms. Let's talk again soon. Jonathan Fleming runs, a division of Jonathan Fleming & Associates, Inc., that serves residential and commercial landlords.
By Duncan Shea06 Jul, 2016
Property management is similar to fitness training. Getting into great physical shape requires a routine, and so does taking care of your income property investment. For example, a number of my new clients do not understand the need to maintain raising rent schedules in a timely way. Section 8 rents are now under control of Oakland’s brutal Rent Control Ordinances . This means that many landlords are stuck with rents from back in the 80s when Michael Jackson’s Thriller was popular! I constantly counsel landlords about being vigilant in raising rents annually. This allows you to be honest with yourself about the increasing costs of property ownership. One of my recent clients had not raised rents on her Section 8 clients for about 6 years. Owner went from rents of $1,400 a month to $2,300 a month in the span of one year. Additionally, owner’s rental income property was in the heart of Downtown Oakland close to transportation, nightlife, BART and 10 minutes to San Francisco. This was an A Plus location consisting of some of Oakland’s highest rents and very low vacancy numbers that bumped into owner’s rental income! Owner scored a touchdown. Let’s examine it further. Bumping up the rent by $900 a month allowed her to: Make much needed repairs to property Pay back some taxes owed on property Made her investment cash flow positive once more Why hadn’t this client raised rents before? Well, similar to how we fall out of our workout routines sometimes, we get plain lazy and allow bad habits to creep in. As property owners, it’s also easy to get jaded by tough rent control laws enacted by local (and perhaps myopic?) politicians. So, how do you raise Section 8 rents? Contact Section 8 Housing in your respective counties to get the rental increase forms or click here and here . Send your tenant a 60 day notice of rent increase if they have been there more than a year. Use some sort of verification when you send it. You could either give it to them in person or via registered mail. You must document that you notified the tenant, but no need to get too fancy! Send the required information to the Oakland Housing Authority by emailing . So, how does this affect Oakland’s current rental market? Increasing rents increases multi-family values! According to Zumper’s National Rent Report for March 2016 , Oakland’s rents continue to rise rapidly. Zumper’s data shows Oakland tied in fourth place with San Jose, at a record high $2,250 for a one-bedroom. This is a 13.6% increase for Oakland. If you need advice about how to raise your Section 8 rents, or what raising rents means for you, contact me. Jonathan Fleming is a licensed California Real Estate Broker, and he runs Openworld Properties , a full-service real estate services company located in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area;. His company handles Sales , Leasing , and Management of residential and commercial properties throughout Northern California. He can be reached at (510) 250-0946.
By Jonathan Fleming25 Jul, 2015
Recently, we did an eviction in Oakland dealing with squatters, on the day of the eviction, most inexperienced people are unprepared to deal with the uncontrolled variables of stressful evictions. First of the all, the mindset is that you might feel sorry for evicting someone. I don’t know why especially if your property is not making you any money; and tenant(s) has stopped paying rent. Or this person is a “Squatter” hell bent on manipulating the laws while costing you thousands of dollars. Most evictions could be negotiated however people tend to stop communicating with said landlords. Or they just plain get ornery thinking they’re a looser and the owner is a super-rich billionaire devoid of any emotions. Most landlords are modern day people living paycheck to paycheck like others. On the day of the eviction, the sheriff will only give you minimum help at best, they expect you to be professional, on time and prepared to take possession of the property of the day of eviction. Here’s a few quick tips to help you if you decide to go it alone on the day of Eviction: Hire a professional locksmith on the day of eviction. Expect to spend minimum $200 for the time of the locksmith and if he needs to rekey the place you might spend extra. Be prepared for unruly tenants or squatters that will try to fight you in some cases, get unruly and verbally abuse you. Be ready to give the sheriff any information regarding eviction to help their safety. For example, if tenant has been acting strangely, weird or volatile. The sheriff needs this information for their safety and yours. Don’t take it personal. Don’t respond to potential verbal abuse from evicted tenants Performing an eviction is a smart move for a landlord that has tried to work out an amicable outcome before even arising to this outcome. Jonathan Fleming runs a full service real estate services company located in the San Francisco Bay Area; his company handles Sales , Leasing and Management of residential and commercial properties throughout Northern California. He can be reached at (510) 250-0946 or 800-892-1755, Ext 7.
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